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Great taste

Great flavour and if you're a fan of bits than you will prefer this one to the choc orange

Fruity and natural taste. Will order again soon.

Just an amazing product for climbers !

I eat crickets protein since two week and I love it ! The taste is good and it deliver the correct amount of high quality protein that you need in strengths sport. I highly recommend it.

Teresa Coimbra

It's a shaker, it works and has a tiny extra carrying cup so you can add the protein later.
Cute, represents the brand and work just perfect


Very good flavour! Just wanted it to have more protein per bar, but we can't have it all.

Just like pasta but more protein

I've been loving it! Quicker than pasta, but tastes just like pasta!
Plus it helps me reduce my meat intake with the fact it has so much protein per portion. Meaning I can just have it with sauce!


I liked the products taste, in particular the pea cricket chips! Nice job, keep going!


You need to start by filling the shaker with water, otherwise the powder will stick to the shaker and not blend. Takes a decent amount of shaking to blend completely.

Decent taste (not great, but definitely better than Whey imo), great feeling. And can confirm, no farts (besides my normal amount of farting).

Very happy that this exists as I can now get rid of yet another dairy based product.

Osvěžující jídlo

Kyselkavá chuť, ale opět přirozená. Něco jiného než cukry napěchovaná většina tyčinek. Je to hutnější, vlhčí hmota než SENS serious. Pro lepší stravitelnost doporučuju zapíjet :D

Účelové jídlo

Přirozená chuť, dobře stravitelné. Trochu to drobí, je to sušší. Klidně to zapíjej vodou.


Surprising taste, great nutritional component. Cricket is still a fraction of total ingredients but you are on the right path. 5 start for encouragement

Startovací balíček

Výborný, ale krekry kyselejší po sušených rajčatech

Great taste!

Pasta with a really great taste! Tastes better than regular pasta in my opinion. Cooked really quickly and you honestly don't need much else to go with this pasta to enjoy it.

Cricket Protein Pizza <3

For the dough:
200 g Weath flour or spelt flour
100 g Cooking & Baking Cricket Protein Flour
450 g Magerquark
1 ½ TL Baking powder
1 ½ TL Salt

For the Pizza ag:
as much as you want: Tomato paste or Tomatensauce
as much as you want: Spices
as much as you want: Cheese

Ananas & Kokos

Prostě fantastické. Chuťově, konzistencí - dostatečně "vlhké", aby se jimi člověk nedávil
. Chutnají nám i dětem ze všech tyčinek nejvíc.

not really to my taste. glad they have a sample pack

first, I got a big box of protein enriched lentil pasta... maybe I didn’t read the contents properly, but I had no desire or need for a big box of pasta. the protein bars taste like protein bars - a bit cloying. same problem as most protein bars. lots of flavours to try, which is good. I liked some, my partner liked others. the crackers were good, though they all have tomato in them, so while they are supposed to be different flavours there wasn’t much difference. I haven’t tried the protein powder or flour yet.


Tastes exactly what you expect, but I guess I'm not a cracker fan because it was a bit too dry for me. Maybe with a bit of cheese or some dips.

Choc Orange must have

Honestly, it was a super delicious and amazing texture. Not too sweet but not too bitter and I love the orange zest flavour mixed with chocolate flavour.
I'd say the only thing I wish it was better would be for it to have more protein in a single bar because although it is my new favourite I need more protein intake when I'm out climbing.

Review No.1

Nice tasting
A bit expensive
I wish they had a longer life - they would be great for survival issues.
Great and quick delivery.

Riccardo Lasagni Manghi
Crunchy light chips

Perfect for a healthy snack with a kick of proteins. The taste is delicate so you can eat a whole package without getting full. Extrermely crunchy and highly recommended

STARTER PACK | All Sens products
Tina Subic Ramaswamy
Would repurchase most if not all of the products!

What I like the most about all the products are the ingredients. Not just the cricket flour, but also all the plant ingredients that went into the products. I like that in the pasta, the other ingredient besides the cricket flour is red lentil flour, which is also a healthy and nutritious ingredient in its own right. Same goes for protein bars and crackers. I love, for example, that instead of added sugar or corn syrup, the protein bars have dates to add sweetness to them. I also really liked the selection of seeds in the ingredient list on the crackers.

Both the Pleasure and Serious protein bars are really tasty and filling. My favorite was Peanut&Cinnamon. I'll definitely order them again!

I liked the pasta, not soggy or chewy, it behaves really well. Of course it is not as neutral in flavor and texture as the regular plain white flour and it feels a bit more powdery/grainy, but it is very similar to other whole grain pasta and it's a great midweek dinner base. I will definitely order it again, as I especially appreciate the protein amount in this product.

The crackers were ok. I liked the nuttiness and the spice mixes, but I didn't like the texture in the mouth - they become a bit sticky and gooey. It is still a nice afternoon snack and I like the ingredient list so much that I will probably order them again nonetheless :) But as far as the product development goes, I hope they manage to improve this product, if possible.

Protein powder is also ok and I will prefer it over whey protein powder in the future.

So, overall, I like the ingredient lists of all products, I love the flavor and texture of most of the products and I will definitely reorder most, if not all of them. Most importantly, I support the concept behind the products, so the product gets 5 stars.

Startovací balíček

Je to dobrý, neměl jsem s tím vůbec problém.

Liked it but...

Liked the blend and the chocolate flavour, felt very easy to drink and smooth in reality.
Found it strange that the all company revolves around cricket and there is only 10% of cricket on the product the rest is pea protein.
Other than the above i liked the product.

Kvalitní svačina

Dobrá tyčka, co zasytí. Není přeslazená a tak mám pocit, že jím něco, co se mi nesnaží na první pocit zalíbit. Jasně, sním ji a musím chvilku počkat, než se dostaví pocit nasycení, protože bych mohl jíst dál. Třeba na tůru jak dělaná. A žena si ji ráda bere i s sebou do práce.

Great starting point

Wanting to try sens for the first time, this was a great way to go. You get everything so you see what you like. I like the products, they are really nice tasting for me. My gf is reluctant to try, but thats her problem :)