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Sens Veggie bag

149,00 Kč

Set of 3

Maximal sustainable shopping, minimal single use plastic

Fresh produce bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Plastic is a very useful material but also really bad for us and our environment. It takes 1000 years to decompose yet we use 40 % of all plastic for single-use things like coffee cups or shopping bags. Only 9 % of plastic is recycled and 12 % burned but the remaining 79 % is still around killing sea creatures and slowly poisoning us in a form or microplastics.

We decided to help increase the 9 % of recycled plastic by making our fresh produce bag from recycled PET water bottles. No new plastic was produced in making of these bags and you can reuse them as many times as you want. Plus the mesh lets air through so your fruits and veggies can breathe and stay fresh longer.